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Product Review
Brain Bucket Magazine, June 1, 2007
Motorcycle News: "Qwi Gloves, Funny Name, Serious Gloves"
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This is the text taken from the actual product review:
These gloves developed by an orthopedic surgeon to help relieve his own hand and finger numbness promise to keep the
tingle out of your fingers.

US Nationwide - The design is simple and yet complex. The Qwi Nerve Protector Motorcycle Gloves have three simple pads
installed that form a bridge over the median and ulnar nerves to isolate them from vibration and pressure. That's the complex.
Simply put, there's some padding that keeps special areas of your hands off the grips on your bike that when stressed cause
the tingling fingers.

They're made out of special, premium pig skin leather which it is washable, water resistant, durable, soft, and flexible. I first put
these gloves on and was immediately impressed with how supple the leather was. The fingerless gloves molded to the shape
of my hands. They were lightweight and comfortable. The full finger insulated gloves were warm and cozy as well as
comfortable. But how would they fare on the bike.

The first time I wore the Qwi gloves was on the way home from Daytona on the first day of Bike Week. It was chilly on the ride
back with the temperature peaking in the high 40's. But, my hands weren't cold. These gloves kept my hands nice and cozy.
One more thing I am happy to report is that when I got home, my hands weren't numb or did I have to relax my hands off the
grips once to keep them from tingling.

I was immediately impressed, to say the least. I ride 80-90 on the freeway and routinely have to take my hands off the grips to
relieve the pressure because they’re tingling. Not once on the two and a half hour ride home did I have to take my hands off the
grips for comfort.

The fingerless gloves worked just as well, although they won't keep your hands warm like the full finger gloves. The one thing I
really liked about them aside from the nerve protection was that they didn't bleed onto my skin. The black die stayed on the
gloves where it belongs.

The Qwi Nerve Protector Motorcycle Gloves have a permanent place in my saddlebags. I'm even considering buying some as
gifts for my friends. Since the promise a no risk trial, what have I got to lose?

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