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Gloves can relieve hand pain for drivers

Jan 1, 2007 12:00 PM

Qwi nerve protection professional driving gloves can treat and prevent hand pain and numbness including carpal tunnel
syndrome in drivers. An orthopedic surgeon experienced in treating hand nerve injuries invented the patented Qwi Solution,
which reduces pain by directing pressure away from the major nerves of the hand.

According to Joseph Yao, MD, who invented the Qwi glove, “Simply padded gloves usually place padding directly over the
nerves, thereby transmitting steering wheel pressure and vibration to the nerves. The Qwi Solution is unique because it
transfers steering wheel pressure and vibration away from both the median and ulnar nerves.”

These gloves help injured nerves to heal and prevent nerve injury in uninjured hands. Even drivers without hand pain or
numbness will find Qwi gloves comfortable to wear while driving.
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