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"Qwi Gloves Product Review." 2 Wheel Thunder, March 2011.

We review a lot of products from safety gear to "Safety Chrome".  That is an inside joke... My spouse thinks
that if it is called "safety" I won't mind spending the money for it.  

Instead of safety, let's talk about comfort.  Or maybe it is a combination of comfort, protection, and
prevention.  What are we talking about? GLOVES!  There is a reason that we have never written a product
review about gloves, after all what can you say about them? Aren't they all the same?

Well, I learn more every day.  These gloves are different! No, Really!  First they were developed by an
orthopedic surgeon to treat and prevent hand problems.  Chronic hand pain and numbness from that
vibrator you ride... I mean the motorcycle... now has a solution to the problem.

We rode over 700 miles in Texas on our HD and found out that the gel pads are strategically placed so that
they divert pressure and vibration away from the median and ulnar nerves in the hand to prevent and treat
hand nerve injury including carpal tunnel syndrome and Guyon's canal syndrome.  Most other gloves
include padding placed directly over the two major hand nerves and that actually causes more problems.

We tried out both 1/2 gloves and full gloves.  The 1/2 gloves are so comfortable and there was no sweating
in the hot Texas sun.  The full fingered gloves were warmer in the cool evening and equally as comfortable.  
In addition, we found out that the ½ gloves are thin enough to fit inside the full gloves when we needed more
protection from the colder nights.

You can find them here: the pricing is better than most other gloves you
would invest in AND there is a "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back!  There
is NO WAY you can go wrong with these gloves.  We were TOTALLY impressed with these gloves.

Thank You,
Pat Kay
Two Wheel Thunder TV
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