Professional Driver Hand Nerve Injury Study Press Release

Professional Driver Hand Pain/Numbness Study Release


Professional Driver Hand Pain And Numbness Study

Blytheville, AR-March 30, 2005-

Irritation and injury to the median (carpal tunnel syndrome) and ulnar (Guyon’s canal syndrome) nerves in the hand is a common
problem. Common symptoms of nerve injury include hand pain and numbness. Nerve injury may occur as a result of
compression, vibration, and traction. Professional drivers’ hands are at risk for nerve injury because of prolonged exposure to
pressure and vibrations transmitted to the hands from gripping the steering wheel. The study described herein was undertaken
to help define the problem of hand nerve injury in professional drivers.

A study was conducted where 740 professional truck drivers were each given a pair of Qwi™ Professional Driving Gloves to wear
while driving. These gloves incorporate a patented configuration of gel pads anatomically located to protect the median and ulnar
nerves in the hand from pressure and vibration injury. The drivers were asked to wear the gloves while driving for one month.
They were interviewed at the time they were given the gloves. The drivers were all asked to respond to a list of questions (Figure
1). Their answers to these questions were recorded. Nerve conduction testing was performed on the hands of drivers who
wished to undergo testing. Median and ulnar nerves were tested in 97 professional drivers. The results of the nerve conduction
tests were also recorded.

We gave each driver a brief questionnaire in the form of a post card (Figure 2). We asked them to complete the questionnaire
and return the post card to us after they wore their Qwi™ Professional Driving Gloves for one month. We attempted to contact any
driver that failed to return their post card questionnaire to us. We were able to compile followup responses from 439 drivers
either by post card or telephone contact.

The 740 professional drivers drove an average of 3126 miles per week. They had been driving professionally for an average of
15.8 years.
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