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Do you have a cool story or a beloved bike or truck? Share your stories and
photos with other Qwi Friends by e-mailing them to
so we can post them here. You do not have to wear Qwi Gloves to have your
story and photos posted here. This page is a place for anyone who likes
motorcycles, bicycles, or trucks to share things with other people having
similar interests.

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The Qwi Team is proud to present Foster R. and his wife as the first to post their photos and
story on this page. The two of them took an incredible trip spanning over 10,000 miles while
riding their Honda Gold Wing and towing their trailer. Here is their story:

“I purchased a pair of your fingerless gloves at the Wing Ding in Nashville, TN a few years ago.
Both of my hands would sort of go to sleep after only about 30 minutes of riding, but after using
your gloves, my hands very rarely ever have any problems. We just returned from a 10,027 mile,
4 week, motorcycle trip from SE Texas to Anchorage, AK and back. I used your gloves the entire
way and my hands never went to sleep. The only time I did not use your gloves was when the
temperature got down in the 30's and I had to put on something that was warmer. I now am
considering purchasing the full fingered version for the cooler rides. Thanks for a great product.”
Foster R. from Magnolia, TX
American Flag
Paul K.: Shown here in his racing leathers.
Paul is a motorcycle racing instructor. He
provided invaluable input into the
development of the Qwi Sport Motorcycle
Glove which incorporates features of a
racing glove into a glove for street and
highway wear. He also helped to road test
the Qwi Sport Glove during its development.
For all of you animal lovers, click on the
following link to see photos of Biker Dogs
and other precious pets:
Biker Dogs
Dave Perewitz is a renowned custom motorcycle fabricator located in Bridgewater, MA. He is
not only talented, but also a gracious and warm person. We met him at the Dallas IMS Show
in Dallas, TX.
Walter B. sent this photo of his highly customized 2003 Harley CVO (Custom Vehicle Operations) bike. It has custom paint,
custom chrome parts, and custom leather seat and saddlebags. Harley's CVO line of bikes are limited production
motorcycles that typically have larger motors and a great deal of chrome and other custom parts directly from the factory. Click
on the image to enlarge it so you can more easily see the custom work on his bike.
Over the years, the Qwi Team has made some
great friends while traveling to rallies around the
country. We see many of the same vendors at
these rallies and they have become our "Roadie
Family." These photos are from the guys of the
Wall of Death." They start at the bottom of this
structure and then ride their motorcycles at high
speed along the vertical walls. The man in the
leather jacket is "Handsome Charlie Ransom"
and he is one of the "Wall of Death" riders.
Some more of our vendor friends...The Geico guys and
the ubiquitous green gecko, of course. The big guy on the
side of the truck and posing with the Qwi Girls is famous
bike builder Big Rick Hoffman. He is wearing a pair of our
largest size Qwi Motorcycle Gloves.
Mary. Freebird Leather
Rupert Boneham, a
star of the TV series
"Survivor" with Qwi
Girls Lori and Lynn
Superman and
Batman visiting the
Qwi Booth in
Leesburg, Florida.
It's nice to have
superheros as
Daytonna Beach Sheriff
officers sporting their Qwi
Motorcycle Gloves
Brother Speed and
the Qwi Girls. He and
his bike are famous
around Daytona, FL
Knoxville, TN Police
officers wearing Qwi
Motorcycle Gloves
Friends in Knoxville, TN.
Nice bikes. Pretty cool
Qwi Gloves, too!
Jeff Henderson. He is
a custom bike builder
from our hometown of
Blytheville, AR. This is
one of his creations.
He entered it into the
bike building
competition at an
Easy Riders event in
Memphis, TN
A couple friends in Hot Springs, AR
Terry. Classic Trim Embroidery & Upholstery
www.Classic-Trim.com    210-573-8584
Jim. Wire-N-Rings.
Dan. Robo Cap
Harold. Florida Jerky Hut
Steve. Harley Jewelry
Kay. Hippie Chicks Beading
Dave. Letterfly
Murals and pinstiping
Susan. Milwaukee Leather
Barbara. Chaps and Bags
Geico guy Chris with Qwi Girls
Scott Robertson from Steele, MO with one of the custom bikes that he built. This bike won best of show at a bike building competition in Tennessee and it won
2nd place out of more than 200 custom bikes at the 2010 Bikes, Blues & BBQ competition in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Here is another bike that Scott Robertson built. It began as a
Harley Davidson Sportster. He bought it brand new, rode it only
97 miles, and then tore it down to the frame. He did extensive
engine work and highly customized the bike. Besides its
eye-catching good looks, it's also a very fast bike.  It has won four
First Place and one Second Place Award in custom bike
More of our
vendor friends:
Rev Tom & Mrs Loretta C. from Willow Street PA shown here together on their trike. They
participated in the four day long Americas 911 Ride which took them to the three sites that were
attacked on 9/11. They rode to Ground Zero in New York City, Washington DC, and
Pennsylvania. God Bless our fallen fellow Americans. For those of you with extra sharp eyes,
Rev Tom tells us that this photo was taken before he began wearing Qwi Gloves.  Rev Tom
relates that his long-standing problem of hand numbness was relieved two months after he
began wearing Qwi Gloves.
"I'm Mike Zdancewicz, of Memphis, TN. That's my 2006 HD 883R Sportster. I've ridden it as
much as possible since buying it in May and promptly discovered some hand numbness and
'trigger finger' issues. My Qwi gloves have been a lifesaver for the dealing with the numbness,
reducing it by at least 50% and delaying it's onset for hours. Based on Joe's encouragement, I
went to see a specialist for my 'trigger finger,' got a cortisone injection, and that is on the way to
recovery too. Check out my website at
Mike Z. is a member of the Collierville Chapter of the Ghost River Harley Owners Group. He has a great website, SurvivalReviews.com, that provides information
relating to human survival. His website has lots useful and interesting content including training materials and reviews of guns, knives, and supplies.