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5/19/07: All QwiTM Gloves are designed with customer input. Numerous motorcycle riders asked us to make a full finger
motorcycle glove (with no extended cuff) with a spandex top similar to our existing Partial Finger/Spandex Top Motorcycle
Gloves. These gloves are ideal for riding in warm and hot temperatures. Our new Full Finger/Spandex Top Motorcycle
Gloves are in production and should be available in June 2007.

5/19/07: Numerous motorcycle riders asked us to make some gloves using perforated leather for ventilation during
warm and hot weather riding. We are adding 2 new styles of gloves with perforated leather (small holes) on the tops of
the gloves and solid leather on the palms of the gloves. The two styles of gloves featuring perforated leather tops will be
a Partial Finger Motorcycle Glove and a Full Finger/No Cuff Motorcycle Glove. These 2 styles of gloves will be available in
about July 2007.

5/19/07: Many motorcycle riders like our light weight gloves for their coolness, flexibility, and the tactile feedback (ie, road
feel) that they provide. However, there are many motorcycle riders that have asked us to make a glove that provides
more crash protection and that includes our nerve protection gel pads. We have been working on just such a glove
since August 2006. It includes many features requested by our customers and it's design has had extensive input from
a motorcycle racing instructor. It has undergone numerous design revisions. It is now in the prototype phase of its
development. Here's a photo of the first prototype:
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Our new Sports Motorcycle Glove is designed for any motorcycle rider who desires a protective glove that also helps to prevent and treat hand numbness. It
features the same patented nerve protection gel pads found in all other Qwi
TM Nerve Protection Gloves. Riders of sport bikes will find this glove to be
comfortable to wear in their more forward riding position since this glove has more palm padding than our other gloves. This Sports Motorcycle Glove will also
appeal to riders of cruisers and touring bikes especially if they desire lots of hand protection.

Here's some details about the new
QwiTM Nerve Protection Sports Motorcycle Glove:
  • Premium cow leather
  • 2 layers of cow leather throughout the entire top of the glove and gauntlet
  • 2 layers of cow leather throughout most of the palm of the glove
  • Patented QwiTM solid gel Nerve Protection Pads
  • Closed cell foam in varying thickness over the entire top of the glove including the fingers
  • Closed cell foam around the wrist and gauntlet
  • Strategically placed closed cell foam on the palm of the glove
  • New solid gel pad on the gripping surface of the thumb
  • Double wrist straps for maximum retention: A narrow strap around the wrist. A wide strap at the upper part of the gauntlet
  • Rubber helmet visor wiper blade on the left index finger. This wiper blade is purposely not located on the thumb since that location blocks more of the
    rider's vision when the thumb is used to wipe the helmet visor.
  • No hard components such as plastic or carbon armor since these materials can fragment creating sharp, piercing objects in the case of a crash.
  • Precurved fingers for comfort and to avoid bunching of leather on the palm side of the fingers
  • 7 sizes from XXS to XXL

5/19/07: We will begin work designing a nerve protection bicycling glove in the near future. It will be designed to help the many bicycle riders who experience
hand pain and numbness while riding their bikes.

6/2/07: Due to higher than anticipated demand, we are out of come styles and sizes of QwiTM Motorcycle Gloves. We are waiting for a large shipment of
replacement gloves to arrive from our manufacturer. We apologize for the inconvenience. A notice will appear when you place your order if your desired glove is
out of stock.

6/16/07: The new FMS-002 Motorcycle Glove (Full Finger/No Cuff, Spandex Top) just arrived in our office 2 days ago. It's now available to our customers. The 2
new motorcycle gloves with perforated leather tops (PMLP-002 and FMNCP-002 described in the 5/19/07 note below) should reach our office on about 8/30/07.
Work on the design of the new Sport Motorcycle Glove is still ongoing. We just modified the QwiTM Store, Buy Driving Gloves, and Buy Motorcycle Gloves
sections of our web site to make navigation easier especially since we are adding new gloves to our offerings. We hope that you like the changes. Let us know
what you think and please give us your suggestions on how we can make things better:
Contact Us.

9/2/07: New motorcycle glove styles PMLP-002 and FMNCP-002 arrived from our manufacturer on 8/30/07 along with the new prototype Sports Motorcycle Glove

9/7/07: FMIN-001 Pad Pocket Tearing: We are aware of a few pairs of our Full Finger Insulated Motorcycle Gloves (FMIN-001) where the nerve protection pads in
the palm came loose. This was due to tearing of the fabric material used to secure the solid gel pads onto the inside of the gloves. Anyone who experiences
loosening or shifting of the palm gel pads in their FMIN-001 gloves should return their gloves to us. We will send them a free replacement pair of gloves. This
problem should not occur in any other style of QwiTM Glove since all other styles use leather material to secure the gel pads to the palms of the gloves.

9/15/07: Still working on perfecting the upcoming Sport Motorcycle Glove. The photos below are of the most recent prototype. You can see that the pad at the
base of the fingers has been removed. It created too much bulk making it difficult to grip the handlebar grips. The gauntlet has been lengthened compared with
earlier prototypes. The narrow wrist strap has been repositioned to be more anatomical. The closed cell foam configuration has been modified. We are working
on another revised prototype to include even thicker closed cell foam and a larger 2nd layer of leather for more palm protection.

10/22/07: The photos below are of the Sport Motorcycle Glove prototype that just arrived from our manufacturer. Modifications include thicker closed cell foam
and reflective piping on the top of the glove. Fingers have been lengthened the area around the hand has been widened. Hook and loop material has been
removed from the ends of the two straps to make it easier to open the straps. The double layer of leather on the inside of the palm has been enlarged to provide
more crash protection. The prototype glove is now in the hands of a motorcycle racing instructor for testing. A prototype partial finger Bicycling Glove was
completed today and it will undergo road testing.

3/31/08: Thanks to all of our customers for your patience while you wait for our back-ordered gloves to arrive. We have been working with our manufacturer to
correct a problem with proper placement of our patented nerve protection gel pad. That problem has delayed glove production, so we have run out of some
glove style/size combinations. Our gloves are technically more difficult than other gloves to manufacture because of the precision necessary for proper
placement of the nerve protection pads. I just received the latest glove sample from our manufacturer today. Once the pad problem is worked out, then we can
begin production on our new exciting gloves: The Sport Motorcycle Glove and our Partial Finger Bicycling Glove.

5/30/08: Our back-ordered gloves arrived and most gloves are now back in stock. While waiting for the order to arrive, some glove styles ran out of stock and we
are waiting for another order to arrive to replenish them. The nerve protection pad placement manufacturing problem has been solved. The Sport Motorcycle
Glove is now about to undergo production and we hope it will be available in about 3 months. Specs have been submitted to our manufacturer for the new
Bicycling Glove and we are awaiting the first sample.

8/24/08: We are still waiting for our back-ordered gloves and the new Sport Motorcycle Glove to arrive. The Chinese government suspended all leather
production prior to the Beijing Summer Olympics because of environmental issues, so our manufacturer was unable to obtain any leather for our glove orders.
Our manufacturer estimates that we will have our gloves in late September. We did receive a sample Bicycling Glove and are working on refining that glove prior
to beginning production.

2/4/09: Back-ordered gloves arrived. There were some manufacturing inaccuracies with the new Sport Motorcycle Glove and these are being resolved. We are
waiting for corrected pre-production samples. A new Bicycle Glove is near production. We are just waiting a final decision on which palm material to use.

2/25/09: We just placed the production order with our manufacturer for our new Bicycle Glove. It should be available by late May 2009.
We are now designing a new Baseball Glove with nerve protection features. The Sport Motorcycle Glove revised sample is delayed
because our manufacturer temporarily ran out of the particular cow leather.

4/7/09: The new Bicycle Glove and Sport Motorcycle Glove are now in production and will hopefully be available in the next 4-6 weeks! Work on the new Baseball
Glove is ongoing.

6/7/09: The new Qwi Bicycle Glove arrived in our office this week! The Sport Motorcycle Glove should arrive in 1 week.

6/12/09: The new Qwi Sport Motorcycle Glove arrived in our office today!

7/23/10: The new Qwi Friends Page is rolling out today. It is a place for people to share their stories and photos with others.

7/24/10: The new Biker Dog And Other Cute Pets photo page debuted today

8/16/11: The new mobile version of the Qwi website came online today

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