Shipping Rates

How are shipping costs calculated? The shipping cost is based upon the shipment weight, the size of the
package, the ship-to address, and the method of shipment chosen by the customer. Faster shipping
methods generally cost more than slower alternatives. The total shipping charge will be displayed on the
last page of the order form, before you submit your order.

International Shipping
Question: Why is international shipping so expensive?

Answer: We searched shipping options for international orders in order to find the least expensive method.
We searched rates from UPS (United Parcel Service) and FedEx. Their rates are higher than the US
Postal Service (USPS). The least expensive way to ship overseas is to use USPS international flat rate
envelopes. The USPS has doubled their shipping rates since about 2011. As of April 2013, they charge
US$19.95 to ship to Canada and US$23.95 to ship to Europe and Australia when a flat rate envelope is
used. It is even more expensive if a flat rate envelope is not used. We are sorry that it is so expensive to
ship to locations outside the US. We have no control over these shipping rates.

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