Spinal Cord Article

T Deltombe, S Theys, J Jamart, F Valet, E Kolanowski, P Hanson. "Protective effect of glove on median nerve compression in
the carpal tunnel." Spinal Cord. 39: 215-222. April 2001.

This study demonstrated that gloves with gel pads placed over the median nerve did not protect the median nerve from
compression related injury as demonstrated by nerve conduction tests. There was no statistical difference between the test
results with or without the gel padded gloves except that pain was reduced.

Standard gloves generally place pads over the median and ulnar nerves in the palm. Grip related pressure and vibration is
transmitted through the padding to the underlying nerves.

Qwi Gloves use patented solid gel pads located peripheral (outside the path of the nerves and not over the nerves) to the
median and ulnar nerves. These peripherally located pads serve to lift gripping surfaces (such as motorcycle or bicycle
handlebar grips) up and away from the nerves. Pressure and vibration is thereby diverted away from the median and ulnar
nerves. See the
Qwi Solution page for details about how Qwi Nerve Protection Pads work.
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