Surgical Treatment of Hand Nerve Injuries
Smaller Incision Carpal Tunnel Release-A variety of techniques have been described for performing carpal
tunnel release utilizing a smaller incision than described for traditional surgery. The advantages of a smaller
incision include less pain and also avoidance of extending the skin incision across the wrist skin crease. Here
are some photographs demonstrating one method of carpal tunnel release performed through a small incision
using standard surgical instruments.
You may click on the photos to see a larger image.
This photo shows the superficial dissection following the skin incision. A self
retaining retractor has been inserted into the wound and the palmar fascia
(superficial fibrous sheet of tissue in the palm) is visible.
This photo shows the median nerve in the depths of the wound after the deep
transverse carpal ligament (forms the roof of the carpal tunnel) has been divided
thereby decompressing the nerve. The nerve is the structure with the red blood
vessel lying on top of it in the center of the wound.
This photo shows the skin incision closed with nylon sutures. The sutures are
removed one week after surgery.
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